Executive Search

Executive Search

McBarron Wood International is retained by clients to identify highly qualified candidates for specific roles within our functional practices and specializations. Clients recognize that in today ever changing climate, high-caliber executives and senior managers can be a scarce resource. As one of the top recognized executive search firms, McBarron Wood International's response to rapid changes in market dynamics, makes retained search for our clients the most effective method.

Our team of high experienced search partners have multi-faceted skill sets, encompassing a highly experienced team of researchers, data mining, internet sourcing, referrals, direct head hunting and web 2.0 search & selection.

Every client is given a search plan, detailing what we will do, through to how long it will exactly take to execute and a full SWOT analysis. The team then regularly updates our client on their successes and their obstacles. The team operates with complete transparency, keeping you up to date all the way through the search procedure.

Our team has technology which is completely bespoke to McBarron Wood International. Our search techniques have a traditional mix coupled with highly up to date search technology deigned by McBarron Wood International.The benefits of our retained executive search approach are many.

It is widely recognized that TOP appointments transform organizations; McBarron Wood International take pride in sourcing and selecting the BEST talent for our client appointments. Sourcing and selecting the right caliber executive search firm is the most critical part of the process.

The McBarron Wood International team understands that what we do for our clients really does matter. Our experience of executive search coupled with our strong leadership & principles enables us to provide a completely discrete and wholly professional experience to our clients and candidates.

The McBarron Wood International team is frequently approached by their client organizations they are undergoing rapid growth and transformation. Our team understands the sensitivity this can place on the established team and have numerous years of experience in approaching this with care. Our sole aim is to guide clients towards appointments that will arrive faster, stay longer and most importantly add lasting value.

We understand that every client is different. We look for common values with our clients as what we do, doesn't just happen by accident. We work hard to deliver complementary values. We appreciate that we cannot work with every client, as we cannot work with every candidate. Please don't be offended if we say "NO", however after years of experience in delivering the best talent to our clients, we know that sharing common values is as important as delivering the best talent.