Life Sciences

Life Sciences

McBarron Wood International’s Life Sciences functional practice specializes in the recruitment of senior and middle level executives around the globe. What makes our team a real international choice?

  • Delivers unique, comprehensive and client-focused personalized life science searches
  • Sustain working relationships using their expertise and highly specialist knowledge
  • Sources even the ‘hard to find” talent for your business
  • Committed in giving high customer support, perfect execution and professionalism

Our search methodologies are tried and tested. Every search begins from scratch and every search is tailored to our clients’ needs, requirements and cultures.

  • Assess Talent – Every candidate is fully profiled to assess their fit for our client’s open positions.
  • Understanding Your Needs – In order to search out the best talent, we first must completely understand your needs and cultural fit.

McBarron Wood International specializes in various life science industries. The typical examples of these are pharmaceuticals, biotechnology, medical devices, distribution and hospital supply, service providers to the industry and a lot more.

Our ethos is built on building long-term consultative relationships with our clients. Why not call us? It’s good to talk..