McBarron Wood International’sdedicated Executive Search specialism within the Electronic Manufacturing Services (EMS) industry makes them the top choice for assisting you with all of your EMS hiring& staffing requirements.
Start with us, work with us, stay with us.  You will quickly discover that our teams are excellent.
McBarron Wood International truly understands that even though your needs may be complicated or ever changing, your company still requires the best EMS candidates, and they are motivated to helping you achieve this.  By carefully assessing each candidate for their search for only the best applicants to fit not only the position, but the company culture, will never waiver.
Our function EMS practice is different from “recruitment agencies”.  We treat each client, as they do each applicant, on an individual basis.  Werealise that you have a unique set of circumstances, needs, and objectives.  We take the time to meet with you, understand and appreciate you not just as a customer, but a person.  The team takes the time and effort, which is important to discover your specific needs, goals and aspirations when hiring.  Our ethos is to never just send you any applicant; our team will work to prescreen and evaluate all candidates and make sure that they are qualified, prepared, and motivated to work for your company.Applicants which arrive faster and ultimately stay longer.
Our international coverage enable us to search for exceptional and top class talent pools and tap into the growing international pool of exceptional directors and senior executive leaders around the world. Our skills and abilities means we can find the best candidates which can help our clients to resolve any business issues which may arise. Our team of professional consultants have extensive sector and industry expertise and remain on top of international issues and trends within such industries.
The team is dedicated to helping you find the best calibre people and  ultimatelycreating successful infrastructures for your business units. Our reach extends across the globe, identifying top talent in the United Kingdom, USA, AsiaPAC and internationally. Within our EMS practice, we can help you immediately source the finest talent. 
Our effective and proven executive search processes are highly consultative, systematic, creative and professional in nature. We understand ‘success’ - when it comes to search.
Finally our mission is to work with our candidates and clients to obtain all of their hiring goals.We are committed to assisting companies in the United Kingdom, USA, AsiaPAC and internationally, identifying great talent pools that can lead success to your businesses. Our success and credibility is based on our commitment to exceed the highest standards of integrity, excellence and thoroughness to every task we undertake.
McBarron Wood International understands you, your business, as well as your business goals so you can have an assurance that you will get the best service you need in order to meet your company objectives.