Maritime And Shipping

Maritime & Shipping

It is highly recognised that the international Shipping industry is currently responsible for transporting around 93% of worlds trade.. The Maritime& Shipping sector in the UK, which includes ship broking, finance, insurance, classification, legal,ship management and various others, is renowned for its expertise and quality. This highly specialised industry is said to be that which make the global economy function.
The industry is consistently working diligently to address real issues, such like piracy, environmental regulation and the increasing challenge of sourcing sufficiently talented candidates from both at sea and ashore. Radical change is afoot as commercial pressures to reduce costs and therefore improve efficiency force this sector to take action..
McBarron Wood International’s Maritime & Shipping functional practice conducts highly specialised searched across a full range of disciplines, focussing on senior level executives & non-executive roles for shipbuilders, port authorities, broker, Oil & Gas companies and ship owners. Our team works tirelessly to secure and source key operational roles within this sector to support senior level executive hires.
Our teams core strengths are quite simply understanding the maritime & shipping environment and supporting our clients to secure the best talent for their teams..