Private Equity And Venture Capital

Private Equity & Venture Capital

McBarron Wood International’s team have aproven successful track record of executing searches within the Private Equity & VC market place. The team at McBarron Wood International haveworked with the PE/VC community for more than a decade providing Part-Time or Interim FDs for seed funds, through to Full-Time FDs for mid & large cap investments and Senior Level executives in operations and Board.

Below is the range of skill sets which we have successful provided to our clients:

  • Raising capital
  • Due diligence
  • Growing shareholder value
  • Equity Finance
  • Mezzanine Finance
  • Early stage venture backed / seed funds
  • Buy & Build
  • Grooming for exits including secondary or tertiary buyouts
  • Working with turnaround funds
  • IPOs & Floatation’s