Aerospace Defence And Security

Aerospace, Defence & Security

Our Aerospace, Defense & Security functional practice continually remains up to date on all the latest directions and needs of the defense industries, whilst having a deeper understanding of the requirements of the different sectors in this complex arena. Our recruiting and executive search efforts are support senior level appointments in government agencies and departments and private businesses, including Fortune 500 companies on an international level.
Our Experience
McBarron Wood International is an expert in searching and recruiting top class leaders of today and tomorrow. We are enthusiastic about offering exceptional services to help companies and government agencies and departments obtain the very best talent.
Our highly dedicated & professional Aerospace, Defense & Security functional practice, brings together real transparency with a truly consultative approach through a thorough process of in-depth networks and industry knowledge.
Our long-standing track record of excellence, boasts multiple assignments which have been conducted across a huge range of skills & disciplines.
Typical job titles include Commercial Director, Engineering Director, Sales & Marketing Director, Operational Director and Managing Director, CEO, COO & CTO.
McBarron Wood International has successfully executed senior executive and management searches, which has helped in building enterprise value for those organisations and agencies within Aerospace, Defense and Security. By working with our Aerospace, Defense and Security functional practice, allows our client organisations to have access to the very best top class professionals which can build their organizational teams and departments. 
Our practice has been delivering the best talent in this arena for well over a decade with superb successes. We are dedicated to searching and discovering the best calibre professionals that will add value to your business. We understand the goals of every firm or organisation, which is why we constantly striving to deliver the best talent searches that will meet your requirements in full.
McBarron Wood International recognises that one of our greatest strengths is the career opportunities which we offer to potential candidates, we are committed to working with you in order to help you manage your business and your career. Everything starts with our exceptional Aerospace, Defense & Security practice, why not contact us today to find out more?