McBarron Wood International’sspecialist functional practice within IT is one of the leading international executive search firms operating in this complex field.Our team searches endlessly to secure the best IT talent for our client firms
The search for the best information technology candidates is a critical one. Our team uses a systematized and modern methodology to exactly& accurately to find the perfect candidates. The team works hand in hand with this systematized and modern technology to produce the best searches and deliver the best talent.
McBarron Wood International is aware that clients have differences in criteria and preferences regarding what information technology skills they need and require. It is the sole reason why our IT functional practice works with only the top 5% of candidates both actively looking and passively headhunted.  Our team extractsthe very best talent from non-client companies, each candidate is hand picked and approached confidentially.  Never do we headhunt from our client companies.  Once the team has our clients’ prerequisite information, the team then searches hard to find the candidate that will best fit all of the description. If no-oneis identified to exactly fit the description provided, the team will then work with the client to ultimately select the candidate with the closest fit, both technically and culturally.
McBarron Wood International is always successful on our searches. Why? Because we pride ourselves on hard work and never leaving any stone unturned.  Why not simply talk to our team?