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Questions the Automotive Industry Faces Heading into 2018

2017 is going to end in a few months, with serious advancements taking place in the auto industry this year; the world has pressing questions about its future. Following are the top 10 questions that the automotive industry faces going forward into 2018.  

1.    Environmentally Friendly

With global warming creating serious problems for our ecosystem, the biggest challenge for the automotive industry is to come up with cars that are extremely environment-friendly. With the introduction of battery-powered cars, the emission of Co2 has greatly been reducing, but what the world wants to know is that how effective these cars will be in making the environment safer in 2018.

2.    Ease of Buying Cars

People wonder what the future holds for the industry when it comes to buying new cars. Not long ago, buying a smartphone or desktop PC was very expensive, but mass production in this technology resulted in affordable smartphones and PCs. Moreover, there are so many services that offer month to month installment programs so that you can enjoy your favorite devices without having to worry about paying upfront. People are wondering whether or not the same will hail true for cars, the insurance, upcharge, and premiums. There have been talks that the automotive industry is planning to streamline the buying process, making buying cars as easy as buying a smartphone in 2018. Will this happen? Is this reality?

3.    The Future of 12-Volt Electrical Architecture 

The 12-voltpowered battery is continuously seeing a decline, which has compelled manufacturers to come up with the new and improved 48-volt powered batteries. Many car owners now want to know the future of 12-volt batteries in 2018, will they just die out? Or will they be manufactured for a certain period of time next year? Your thoughts?

4.    Touch Screens in Cars

Automotive manufacturers such as Audi have revolutionized how information is displayed in the car by integrating streamlined interactive touch screens. The world wants to know how much improvement the automotive industry will make to touchscreens going forward. Will they function like a tablet?

5.    When will Selfless Cars be Available for Purchase? 

Probably, the most asked question to the automotive industry in 2017 is when will we finally have fully self-driving cars? 2018 seems like a good year for self-driving cars, but the world is just not ready yet! According to research, it could take more than 32 years for cars to be driverless and affordable for the general public.  Your thoughts?

6.    Should we ditch Uber and Buy Cars?

People want to own cars but in cities like New York & London, there is no doubt that this is a pretty expensive endeavor. However, car manufacturers promise that in 2018, owning a car will be extremely easy and more affordable. With the rise in battery-powered cars, you will be able to save a lot on fuel costs and taxes.  Where will this ultimately lead us?

7.    Will all carsbe Hybrids?

With such a high number of hybrid cars being made by the automotive industry, we ask what will be the future of hybrids in 2018? According to a recent survey conducted, we will see a sudden rise in the manufacturing of hybrid cars because of their exceptionally environmentally friendly features.

8.    Growth, Competition and New Names

2018 is set to be the most challenging year for the auto industry. More and more names are springing up; companies that were not interested in producing cars previously are now investing in this market. With such huge competition, people wonder how it will affect them? Is there going to be deterrent to the growth of the industry as a whole?

9.    Diesel, Petrol or Battery

Another most frequently asked question to the automotive industry, will cars run on petrol, diesel or batteries? Analysts say that diesel-powered cars are going to stay, battery-powered cars will grow and completely petrol dependent cars will see a decline in 2018. Your thoughts?

10.  Improvements in AI

What is the future of AI? Artificial Intelligence. Car owners want to know how the automotive industry is going to improve or add more features in their cars through AI. Will their cars of 2018 have features like automatic brakes, speed detection, collision avoidance and other safety features?