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The Top 5 Cars of 2017 (And 5 to Watch Out for in 2018)

The Top 5 Cars of 2017 (And 5 to Watch Out for in 2018)

2017 was a good year for cars; many automobile makers launched cars that were perfect in all the departments such as speed, safety, reliability, and design. However, there are some cars that definitely deserve to be at the very top of the charts. We are going to tell you about top 5 cars that we consider are the best in 2017, please note that we have made this ranking by carefully analyzing factors like speed, value for money, customer satisfaction, and durability.  

1.Aston Martin V8 Vantage

The name Aston Martin in itself is something absolutely fabulous. However, the V8 Vantage is everyone’s dream car; with AMG-sourced 4.0-litre twin-turbo V8 engine this car takes the lead in speed. Its beautiful design, luxurious interior, and sheer smoothness in handling make it eligible to be the best car of 2017.

2.Audi 8

In recent years Audi has really changed its game; from making super luxurious models to super affordable ones and most of the models truly deserve to complete our list of best cars. However, we feel that Audi 8 is the second best car of 2017. It has a 3.0 TFSI, 6 cylinder 333 HP powerful engine, four wheel drive and auto 8 transmissions. If this is not enough, the interior of this car is exceptionally beautiful.

3.Audi R8 RWS

Didn’t we tell you earlier that Audi cars are enough to complete in our entire 5 best cars list? Audi R8 RWS is the third best car of 2017. Designed to deliver thrill and speed, this car has a powerful engine, very modern sporty look and great transmission system.   

4.BMW 6 Series GT

You can’t really complete the list of best cars if you don’t put a BMW or tow on it. The BMW 6 series GT is a stylish car with a 5-door executive hatch. This is the best four-wheel drive and fourth best car of 2017. The engine is powerful enough to keep you on top speeds on long drives and the interior is comfortable enough to make long distances comfy as ever.

5.BMW i3 S 

The final car which tops our list is BMW i3 S. It’s a luxurious, battery powered car made with carbon-fiber and aluminum. This gives it a truly premium feel, the design is very futuristic, safe to say that this car can take us well into the future.



5 Cars to Watch Out for In 2018

While the aforementioned top 5 cars are truly astonishing and revolutionary for 2017, there is no question this is year is coming to an end. We are going a step ahead and list the 5 best cars you really need to watch out for in 2018.

1.Alfa Romeo Stelvio Quadrifoglio 

This car is going to break the grounds in 2018, beautifully designed, a class apart interior and powerful V6 Twin-turbo engines make it a no.1 car to keep an eye out for in 2018.

2.Alpine A110

This French sports car is making a huge come back in 2018. Coming 2nd in our best 2018 cars, it is going to have a supercharged turbo engine, super lightweight, and state of the art racing car design.

3.Audi A1

Audi cars will continue to dominate the best cars category in 2018 as well, with the updated infotainment system, revolutionary sensors, and TFSI turbocharged engine, this car will rule the automobile world.

4.Audi A6

2018 is going to be all about Audi cars; the Audi A6 has some magnificently powerful features like trickle-down technology and classic executive look, which lands this car right on the number four spot.  

5.Bentley Continental GT

This stunning car is going to be incorporated with a twin-turbo V12 engine and solid, but a magnificent look. A super luxurious car that is going to be a must-have item for all the billionaires.