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Trends to Watch Out For In the Auto Industry


In 1886, the world was taken away by storm when cars were introduced. Who could have imagined that traveling long distances would become such an easy task? A 30 minute walk was reduced to mere minutes. Since then automobile industries are coming up with latest and revolutionary cars, the future looks very promising. Some new trends are emerging in the automobile industry and they are going to dominate it for many years to come.

1.    Use of Blockchain Technology

Blockchainis a technology in which the continuously growing list of records are linked and secured using cryptography. Automobile industries will be implementing this technology as it has numerous advantages.  The biggest challenge in every automobile industry is its supply chain department and the need to compete against counterfeit parts. With the use of Blockchain technology, this supply process can be more trusted with the accurate protocols. Automobile industry supply chains will be able to have more checks and balances for the entire chain, cloud servers will be checked, validating and maintaining every supply.

2.    Autonomous Driving

In a short time, we will be able to see fully functional autonomous driving, right now there are several issues with this technology as it is in the growing stage, but this is not stopping car makers to produce cars with semi-autonomous features. The functions like smart navigations, automatic parking and assistance, collision detection and warnings and smart brakes have all received a complete overhaul. This movement will continue to grow in future; automobile industry is enhancing these features and making them safer and user-friendly.

3.    Electronic Vehicles

With the passage of time, more and more consumers are realizing the benefits of environmentally friendly cars with lower battery consumption and cost. The automobile industry will take this trend further so that they can refine the technology and make it widely available. With environmental drives so prevalent these days, the auto industry is becoming conscious about a negative change in climatic conditions due to all that pollution created by cars.  The market share of electric vehicles will increase in upcoming years and the market share of gas-powered vehicles will reduce by great numbers.

4.    Dashboards with Cloud Connections

Nowadays smartphones, laptops, gaming consoles and tablets get OS updates through cloud connections; the future of automobile industry is going in the similar direction. Several automobile makers are manufacturing cars with a dashboard system. Much like a mobile OS, dashboard software can be tweaked, updated and customized by users through cloud connections.  Dashboards will feature options like browsing, 4k technology videos, mini-games and other multimedia options. The auto industry will release monthly or yearling updates to their OS just like what Microsoft, Google, and Apple do.  

5.    3D Printing

3D printing is proving itself to be one the biggest inventions of the 21st century, previously breaking grounds in construction and interior design. This technology will start making its mark in the auto industry in the near future. Some automakers are utilizing this technology in basic car manufacturing. This revolutionary innovation will reduce manufacturing costs tremendously. The auto industry, when producing test models, builds cars on expensive materials. During this process, a high number of trials and errors take place, 3d printing will drastically reduce the need for physical trial and error as you will be able to alter the 3D image to fit into desired shapes or forms.

6.    Use of Augmented Reality (AR)

The latest trend for the automobile industry will be the use of augmented reality. Since cars are made of complex machines with every part performing a different action, the use of AR will facilitate mechanics in finding faulty functions or parts without opening the entire mechanism. This is will save time and money for both the owners and automobile makers.