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Why 2018 is poised to be a Breakthrough Year for the Global Automotive Industry

Why 2018 is poised to be a Breakthrough Year for the Global Automotive Industry

2017 was a really good year for the automotive industry, we got one more step closer to driverless cars, we saw the growth in the trend of electric cars and we finally have a software operated dashboard in our cars. Since 2017 is going to end in few months, what should we look forward to in the new year? Following are the ways by which 2018 is poised to be a breakthrough year for the global automotive industry.

1.Assisted Features

In 2018, several automakers will introduce enhanced assisted features. These features will help automatically reduce and increase the speed depending on the situation. Moreover, electric vehicles will have optimized automatic braking systems several other AI safety features.

2.Improvements in Steering

Most car models next year will feature an auto-steering system. With this technology, cars will be able to automatically steer right or left as indicated in the GPS. The steering system will be further enhanced to detect emergency situations, for example, the possibility of vehicular collision or emergency braking if an animal is crossing the road. If the driver is not able to take quick action, the steering system will automatically move the car out of harm’s way.

3.Driving will be an Enjoyable Experience

In 2018, cars will feature automatic functions to make driving as enjoyable and comfortable as possible. Car such as the Mercedes Benz’s S is promised to have features where a car would detect changes in climate to adjust the air conditioning or heating. Car’s seats would be intelligent; they would sense the weight and height of a person who’s driving or sitting in the car, and then would adjust the seats accordingly. The car’s sensor would be able to detect changes in smell such as if someone ate or drank something in the car, the sensor would automatically release air fresheners. 

4.Overhaul in Music and Audio

People who love listening to music while driving will be delighted to know that in 2018, cars will dramatically enhance their infotainment systems. Cars such as the Hyundai Elantra GT will have true decompression inside the car. Your favorite tracks will be clearer and crisper than ever, the audio sensors of cars will eliminate any unnecessary noise with active noise cancellation features, however, you will still be able to hear the sound of car horns.

5.Multimedia Cars

There is no question video watching features aren't new, but in 2018, they will be more refined and close to your HD TV. The screens will feature Wifi Hotspot connecting, giving you the opportunity to stream your favorite TV channels. The screens themselves are going to get a complete makeover; they are going to have higher resolution and PPI with some automotive manufacturers claiming to introduce 4k video-enabled screens.

6.Ease in Parking

BMV is going to make parking an easy task. Their 2018 models are going to have auto parking and find-my-cars features if the owners connect their cars to mobile application referred to as Parkmobile. This way, the owners would be able to find and reserve their parking spot; they would be able to pay the parking fees before even arriving.

7.More Security

Cars are going to be more secure and a nightmare to car thieves. With the implementation of Augmented Reality AI, the cars of 2018 will have extraordinary security features. Tesla announced that their new models in 2018 are going to make use of AI to lock and unlock cars by detecting the presence of the owner. The AI would be able to detect the face and eyes of the owners and if unmatched, the car would lock the thief inside.